Dhamma Madhurā, meaning ‘Sweetness of Dhamma’, is one of the many centres committed to teach Vipassana Meditation, an ancient technique of self-introspection, as taught by Ven.S.N.Goenka under the tradition of Ven. Sayaji U Ba Khin.

Dhamma centre is surrounded by the hill on one side, the road on another and a canal of natural water, streaming down the hill during rainy seasons, on the third side. The centre is located 10 km from Dindigul City, 160 km from Coimbatore, 100 km from Tiruchirapalli, 64 km from Madurai, 75 km from Karur and 84 km from Kodaikanal hills. Dhamma Madhurā is able to comfortably accommodate 100 students for Vipassana courses.